Pickled pigeon Lera Restaurant

Pickled pigeon Lera Restaurant

Pickled pigeon Lera Restaurant, Luis Alberto Lera does it again and is at the forefront of Zamora’s gastronomy.

You can now enjoy the most famous pickled chicks in Spain, the star dish of the Lera Restaurant at your disposal. Two units per container, ready to eat. Perfect to eat a person.

You can find them in the virtual store of cascajares, a Castilian company from Leon at the forefront in the transformation of agri-food products.

This project seeks to support the industry linked to the breeding of chicks by making their consumption accessible to all audiences and achieving greater dissemination through the feeding channel, since until now it was a more typical dish of hospitality.

Cascajares will prepare this dish following the same recipe from the Lera restaurant to pickle and package the chicks in their Dueñas kitchens, taking advantage of their knowledge in the preparation of prepared dishes. The chicks will be presented in a tray of two units, each weighing between 120 and 150 grams, they will be ready for consumption. Its price will be 21.95 euros per tray.

What are pigeons?

The chicks, young pigeons of about four weeks, have been bred since time immemorial in the central area of ​​the Duero basin, in the fields of León, Valladolid, Zamora or Palencia. They have been part of the traditional recipe book and in the last decades they have been introduced in the kitchens of restaurants. The pigeon meat is pink, tender and with an intense flavor, and its traditional recipe is pickled, as was done in the past to preserve the product in pantries during the winter months.