“If I can’t be honest in my kitchen and serve territory, I close the restaurant”

“If I can’t be honest in my kitchen and serve territory, I close the restaurant”

One of the clearest voices of rural gastronomy in Spain, Luis Alberto Lera, demands, from Gastronomika Live, a greater social awareness and approach to the reality of the field. As well as more bureaucratic ease for chefs to access the product from the local supplier.

12 years ago, Luis Alberto Lera decided to return to his town, Castroverde de Campos (Zamora) to continue with the family restaurant. Only 4 years ago, it gave a turn of the helm to the restaurant and made it a place of reference for all those lovers of local cuisine and hunting. Luis Alberto Lera does not hide the secret: “Absolute respect for the environment and nature.”

The pigeon of Tierra de Campos or how to reactivate a rural area

This region of Zamora has a long tradition of pigeon farming through a network of lofts that helped to support the family economies of farmers and ranchers. Through sustainable livestock farming, which implies that the pigeon feeds in the field but sleeps and breeds in the loft, an almost unique ecosystem is created in the world.

That is why, ethically, for Lera it is so important “to involve the people of Tierra de Campos, so that the money that comes, does it to everyone, prevents someone from leaving and can even encourage someone to return.” His idea is, in the future, to cooperate and achieve a real supply network for restaurants and individuals that is, according to Lera, the key to “true rural development”.

Working already in that future of greater demand, Luis Alberto Lera has announced during his talk on Gastronomika Live, a project that in a few weeks will see the light. It is a collaboration with Cascajares (a company based on the transformation of agri-food products) for the commercialization and sale to the public of chicks from Tierra de Campos escabechados.

Alberto Lera calls on the urban world, to get closer to the countryside, to understand it and among all, defend it.

Source: 7canibales