The City Council will authorize, whenever possible, the expansion of the terrace spaces in Phase 1

The City Council will authorize, whenever possible, the expansion of the terrace spaces in Phase 1

In any case, it is mandatory to maintain the safety distance and the occupancy rate established in the Government decree.

As an exceptional measure and in order to facilitate the economic activity of hospitality establishments that will be able to open their outdoor terraces to the public starting next week with the move to Phase 1, the Zamora City Council will authorize, whenever possible , an expansion of the terrace occupation spaces that. In any case, it will be a temporary authorization during the request to declare the state of alarm, and always respecting the security measures established by the Government.

Requests for terrace expansion or a new installation must be submitted by the owners of the establishments, either in person at the Registry or telematically through the Electronic Office (which is recommended), provided they meet the requirements established in the Municipal Ordinance that regulates this type of facilities, must be accompanied by the following documentation:

-Plan for the location of the terrace.

-Normal scale plan, detailing the location of the elements that make up the installation of the requested terrace, with reference to the premises, sidewalks, driveways, public furniture, etc.

-In the case of free spaces for public use of private ownership, express consent of the owner thereof, to occupy the said space.

-For the assumption of new facilities, a copy of the current liability insurance policy, with the coverage required by the Ordinance, in which it is proven that it covers the risk arising from the installation of the terrace on public roads, or failing that, a certificate from the insurance company accrediting the above.

-Express consent of the applicant, with which the processing deadlines of the procedure are not suspended.

In the case of the interior terraces located in patios or gardens located inside the property, it must be taken into account that they are part of the premises and are, in any case, covered by the license, with its capacity and evacuation routes included, so they cannot be opened in Phase 1 nor are they covered by this authorization, since in the opposite case an effective opening of the premises would be taking place.

Source: Ayuntamiento de Zamora