The Zamora hospitality industry reinvents itself to survive

The Zamora hospitality industry reinvents itself to survive

Home delivery, pick up locally, menu changes, or adapt to make sandwiches. The Zamora hostelry industry has reinvented itself to face the coronavirus crisis. Normality for them will take time to arrive, especially in the smallest premises, those that serve almost everything in the bar and those who have at least a month left to do other types of work.

Few restaurants in Zamora have home delivery. A handful of them have their own delivery service with distributors, as is the case with fast food franchises such as Burguer King or Telepizza, who have noticed a notable increase in orders during confinement and which, finally, has relaxed in recent years. weeks with more options and more time on the street and other Zamorano businesses such as La Artesanal, TBO, Papeo and the Kebaps. All these services, habitual of home delivery, saw the offer increase with the arrival in Zamora of Uber Eats or Glovo, which expanded the number of food companies that serve home delivery.

However, there is another hostelry in Zamora, that of tapas, traditional food, that of avant-garde food restaurants that work throughout the year with their bar, table or even terrace service, something that still they cannot carry out at least until phase 1. For this reason many have decided to take the step forward and continue cooking their delicacies to take away or to serve at home.

The Hobby Restaurant was one of those who decided to make their takeaway menus for several days now and it does not have a terrace so the opening of its premises will still take until June. The reception was very positive, better than they expected although, logically, far from the menus that are distributed on a normal day.

DePicoteo is another of the restaurants that has adapted and maintained its menu, with a daily menu and tapas, also adding snacks for the orders that Adolfo, owner of the premises, receives daily. DePicoteo has also been very well received when it comes to the orders it is receiving and, since it does not have a terrace, it will maintain this service for at least another fifteen days.

Mise en Place is another of those who decided to reopen and offer their rice to collect. Until the possibility of reopening the premises, it will continue to work with this type of order. Succulent portions that can be reserved on the WhatsApp number: 681121499.

Mesón La Vega, with an extensive menu, has also decided to join this initiative to collect food, as well as the Capitol Restaurant, Wine Bistro and other Zamorano hotel businesses that have reinvented themselves to be able to continue without having to be forced to close who, however, glides above many of them.

Source: Zamora News