Zamorano wine suspends for sale Online.

Zamorano wine suspends for sale Online.

Zamora wines enjoy a recognized prestige both inside and outside the borders of our country. The four Denominations of Origin of our land –Toro, Arribes, Tierra del Vino and Valles de Benavente– have experienced great growth during the last decade, improving their sales figures and increasing their international market. However, none of this has helped one of the local wines sneak onto the podiums of online wine sales.

Purchases that have multiplied by 155% in red with the arrival of confinement. According to Vinissimus (as reported by GQ Magazine), the leading online merchant in Europe when it comes to the sale of Spanish wine, his page has registered an increase of almost 200% in his online transactions.

Unfortunately, Zamora wines have not managed to sneak into the best sellers on the national scene. The red podium is led by “La Montesa 2017” (Rioja), followed by Pruno 2018 (Rioja) and Lavia Plus 2015 (DO Bullas, Murcia).

In whites, the Wheel continues to command with an iron fist, being the José Pariente Verdejo of 2019 the most requested by Internet buyers.

Perhaps it is due to a decentralized sale, or the lack of quality online marketing by the wineries, the fact is that although we have great wines of world recognition, we do not know how to sell them.

Source: Zamora news