My province, your destiny

My province, your destiny

Innovative technological proposal to boost the tourism industry in rural municipalities.

Among the competences of the Provincial Deputations is the promotion of tourism in municipalities with less than 20,000 inhabitants, given that in most cases these municipalities do not have their own resources for proper tourism management.

The app “MY PROVINCE, YOUR DESTINATION” is a unique platform that facilitates tourism promotion to all the municipalities of the province, offers centralized tourist information management for the technicians of the County Council, and at the same time allows distributed management for those municipalities that they can take it on their own.

Management, dissemination, information, smart signage, marketing, data capture and analytics.

It allows each City Council to incorporate Smart Signage beacons that will be detected by the mobile applications of the visitors and will launch a specific action: information, warnings, gamification. All the management of the “tourist beacons” is carried out in a unified way from the content manager, being able to activate and deactivate the beacons, modify the actions as many times as desired or add new beacons of any type: QR codes, NFC tags or Beacons.