#EspacioVital a campaign for the depopulation of the #provinciadeZamora

#EspacioVital a campaign for the depopulation of the #provinciadeZamora

#ZamoraEspacioVital. Today the joint summer 2020 tourism promotion campaign of the #Ay AyuntamientodeZamora and the # DiputacióndeZamora has been presented.

A campaign with a slogan “I’m sure you’ll want to be Zamorano this summer” that anyone would sign, but some connotations of unpopulated land where the only thing being promoted is that we have 16 inhabitants per square kilometer, as if that was something to boast about.

Instead of promoting the tourist areas we have, #arribesdelduero, #lagunasdeVillafafila, #lagodesanabria, etc. We promote that we are the depopulated province of Spain, that we are abandoned by institutions.

Perhaps it would be better to provide the municipalities with help so that they can open their #fluvialbeaches, instead of asserting “I do not think that the people of Madrid or the Basque Country come to Zamora to bathe in the Ricobayo reservoir” as the deputy of tourism.

Providing rural areas with a viable and quality Internet line could help the few residents who remain in these #zonasruralesdeZamora, and not boast of the depopulation that we endure.

#EspacioVital a campaign for the depopulation of the #provinciadeZamora, is the great idea of ​​the Zamoran institutions presented today in the old Palacio de la Diputación, on Ramos Carrión street, which will house the new joint tourism office between the two institutions.

Perhaps the only positive point of this campaign is that once and for all #diputaciondezamora and #ayuntamientodezamora have come together to carry it out. Another aspect is the success of it, from my humble opinion it is a mistake to sell our miseries instead of trying to stop them.